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Whether you are a first-time author or have previously published a book, Pure Ink Press would love to hear from you! We accept unsolicited submissions for all genres from authors around the world. Please visit our submissions page should you be interested in submitting your manuscript to us for consideration. Note that only books that meet our criteria and publishing standards will be selected to proceed with publishing.




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Coco the Mooing Horse
by Leila Summers

Coco was a rare old horse. Instead of neighing, he used to moo. He said it was in his genes, but some said he was a loon and as mad as a hatter. After all, horses don’t moo—cows do!

Coco the Mooing Horse is a delightful children’s story in the Humorous Healing Anagrams series using words that are anagrams of common childhood illnesses and other issues. Let Coco offer you some light-hearted fun. You’ll find that anything is possible if you hold fast to your dreams and follow your heart.

Coco the Mooing Horse front cover


Finding Poetry, Finding Me

by Rebecca P. Bruckenstein

In Finding Poetry, Finding Me, author Rebecca P. Bruckenstein explores the world around her and the relationships we have with ourselves and each other. Her poetry ranges from childhood memories to the residual effects felt after the epidemic, telling the story of life, friendship, pain, and self-discovery. This illustrated poetry book showcases that poetry can be found everywhere.

Pure Ink Press

Finding Poetry Finding Me by Rebeccca P. Bruckenstein


Sam & Me and the Hard Pear Tree

by Jami Yeats

In one horrifying moment, Jami Yeats knew her life would never be the same again. When the ambulance took young Sam away there was still the tiniest sign of life. But Jami knew from the first scream that her baby was gone. Sam & Me and the Hard Pear Tree is both a personal account of a mother’s ultimate loss and a universal message of growth and hope.

Pure Ink Press

Sam and Me and the Hard Pear Tree - Jami Yeats



by Kori Reed

In Men-in-the-Middle, author Kori Reed interviews men across corporate America about gender equity in the workplace. This groundbreaking book provides a framework to understand this “silent majority” and offers new perspectives on topics that often go undiscussed. It invites men and women to cultivate conversations to move gender equity forward in a new, inclusive way.

Pure Ink Press

Men-in-the-Middle by Kori Reed


Billy Tapper Zillionaire

by Gary Finnan

This colorful novel shows young Billy McTaggart coming of age as a tapper in a British railyard during the bitter years following WWII. Everything changes for Billy in one breathtaking moment when he uncovers a wartime secret hidden inside a rail car. Billy Tapper Zillionaire captures the humanity of simple relationships for an accidental bystander to history growing up in the 1950s and 60s.

Wellness Writers Press

Billy Tapper Zillionaire by Gary Finnan


The Gift of Ben

by Lindsey Rogers-Seitz

In this debut memoir, The Gift of Ben: Loving through Imperfection, Lindsey Rogers-Seitz chronicles the aftermath of her son’s death, as she and her husband explore the intricacies of unimaginable pain, love, and the challenges of forgiveness. With raw emotion and grit, Rogers-Seitz shows us what is left, on the other side of broken.

Wellness Writers Press

Lindsey Rogers-Seitz, The Gift of Ben


It Rains In February

by Leila Summers

On the 24th of February 2007, my husband Stuart drowned himself at sea, leaving me widowed with two young daughters, aged six and four. I knew it wasn’t an accident, even though the medics and police never suspected suicide. Stuart had been talking about ending his life for a year. He said that he was no longer scared of dying, that there was nothing scary about it. Living was the scary thing.

Pure Ink Press

Billy Tapper Zillionaire by Gary Finnan


Dinner at God’s House

by Todd Barret Lieman

Erik Bernstein has spent his life tortured by self-doubt and bad choices. Upon his death, he receives an unexpected invitation to dinner at God’s house. That’s when things get especially uncomfortable. Dinner at God’s House is a beautiful and tragic tale of fate, faith, belonging, and death that every human can relate to.

Wellness Writers Press

Dinner at God's House by Todd Barret Lieman

What I most appreciate about Leila is her experience and respect for authors who have a message and want to get it out in the most professional way. Her experience allows her to be a trusted authority, and this trait is much appreciated by authors as book writing is both art and business. Leila is a terrific guide for both. I highly recommend Pure Ink Press.

Kori Reed

Nonfiction Author, USA

Leila is one of the best of the best I’ve worked with in 30 years — first running a small publishing house and then as president of a marketing communications agency. She couldn’t have been better in any aspect. Delivered a whole lot more than was expected (including being a wonderful human being).

Jim Lord

Nonfiction Author, USA

I cannot speak highly enough of Leila Summers, as publishing director of Pure Ink Press. Leila’s knowledge of the publishing industry is one of a kind. Leila and Julie at Wellness Writers Press got me where I wanted to go with a huge book launch with international attention. You are in good hands with Leila and Pure Ink Press.

Lindsey Rogers-Seitz

Memoir Author, USA

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